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How to Submit to GDR

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by John L. Dilbeck

Note -- This is also listed in the 'Suggestions and Other Feedback' category of the Georgia Drag Racing Forum in the 'How to submit photos and articles for the GDR site' thread.

I guess I had just assumed that everyone would read our minds and know to contact David to submit articles and photos for publication on the site.

Several people have started sending things to me to post, and I guess that makes sense since I'm the cave elf who does the actual web work, but that's not how it actually works.

David makes all the decisions about content on the site. He owns the site and he's the one who lives and breathes drag racing.

If you have something you'd like published on, please email David ( and tell him about it. His email address is listed near the bottom of the left column on just about every page of this site, or you can email him by clicking the email button on any of his posts in the forum.

We're happy to help you share your memories and photos, and the fastest way to do it is to contact David first. If you send them to me, I just redirect them to David.

Please note that it may take several weeks or a month before your submission actually makes it online. I manage several other websites, in addition to GDR, and sometimes I'm covered up with working on one or more of them for extended periods. This is especially true from January until April 2003 as I'm working feverishly to move all my sites to a new server and this means modifying over 2500 pages. Two sites are completely done, including GDR, and I have a half-dozen more in progress. I should be caught up by April or so, but I'm swamped right now.

Sometimes your submission will be posted in a week or so, sometimes longer. Please be patient, we'll get it done eventually.

Thanks for participating and sharing.