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Articles, stories, reminiscences, nostalgia, and just plain old-fashioned chewing-of-the-fat. You're invited to submit stories for publication here.

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Amy and Tim Glover: Atlanta Dragway Results

May, 2003

David Dilbeck: Magazine Review: Musclecar Power

David Dilbeck: NHRA Southern Nationals 2003

April, 2003

Wayne Holland: My Memories of The Professor

March, 2003

Terry Hunt: Gene Cromer Installed My New Gold Shifter

February, 2003

Marvin T. Smith: Gene Cromer: The Invader from South Carolina

David R. Burlington: Glen Hyder, Sr., Fuel Altered Racer

Tony Bobo: Hemi Hurricane Restoration

Jerry King: My Cars From the 50s and 60s

Marvin T. Smith: Added information about Pete Robinson

October, 2002

David Dilbeck: Old Drag Racer's Reunion 2002

David Dilbeck: East Coast Drag Times Reunion 2002

September, 2002

Marvin T. Smith: Advertising in Georgia Drag Racing

August, 2002

Marvin T. Smith: Early Sixties Match Race Attraction

July, 2002

Tim Glover: A Day at the Races

June, 2002

Marvin T. Smith: 1964 Atlanta $10,000 Drag Race

David R. Burlington: Goin' to Drag City: Blaney Drag Strip

May, 2002

Bob Handren: My Georgia Drag Racing Experiences

Marvin T. Smith: Pro Mods at Southern Dragway

David Dilbeck: NHRA Southern Nationals 2002

February, 2002

David Dilbeck: My Introduction to Drag Racing

John L. Dilbeck: Some Brief Recollections