Rest In Peace

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We'd like to express our gratitude for having known the following people. Some were competitors, some were organizers, and some participated in other ways. We wish them a fond farewell and hope they enjoy that great dragstrip in the sky.

Couch, Eddie Buster
(see Buster Couch)

Christian, Billy
(see Billy Christian)

Elam, Edwin Jabo
(see Jabo Elam)

Hartken, Henry
(see Henry Hartken)

Holcomb, Richard
(see Richard Holcomb)

Hughes, Julius, Jr.
(see Julius Hughes, Jr.)

Lester, Pete Fireball
(see Pete Lester)

Nance, Robert
(see Robert Nance)

Reed, John
(see John Reed)

Robinson, Pete
(see Pete Robinson)

Thorne, John

(see John Thorne)

Wilson, Bernard Eugene
(also known as Gene Wilson)
(see B. E. Wilson)
(Note: B. E. Wilson died in 1972 and is not the current racer Gene Wilson.)

Rest In Peace and thanks for all of the memories.. - David Dilbeck