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In this photo gallery, you will find photos taken by various photographers that record Georgia drag racing cars, drivers, personalities, race tracks, events, activities and more.

Georgia Drag Racing Photos

You can view the photos in order starting with GDR-00001 or select from the following choices.

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Finding Photos

Looking for a particular photo? Try searching in the Google search box that's on just about every page of this site. You can search for a person's name, a location, or just about anything else that may be on the site, even the make or model of a car.

If you know the number of the photo, try searching in the Google search box. Be sure to search on a full five-digit photo number, i.e., to find photo 117, search for 00117. Or search for GDR-00117. Add enough leading zeros to make a five-digit number.

Top Ranked Photos

We've added a ranking system for the photos, with a scale ranking from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). You may rank each photo once per day, if you wish. Rankings accumulate during the month and are recalculated every hour. Your ranking will not show up until the top of the next hour when the ranking is automatically updated. All rankings are reset on the first day of each month. Rankings are expected to change from month to month, as new photos are added and new visitors drop in. This ranking is for fun, only.

See Top Ranked Photos for the three top ranked photos each month.

This feature has been discontinued.

Submitting Photos and Articles

If you have photos you'd like added to the site, please contact David. He makes all the decisions about content on His email address is towards the bottom of every page, in the left-hand column. (See, also, How to Submit to GDR.)

Additional Photos

Sometimes, David may have some additional photos he'd like to share that don't get linked into the main site. If you'd like to see them, check out his site on or in our Photo Album.