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  Butch Luther


  Chevrolet Corvette


  Street Eliminator - Modified


  Harold Head


  Phenix City, Alabama (I think)







This is the first drag racing handout I ever got. It is on thin paper and is from the late 60s. Butch Luther purchased this car from Atlanta's Bob Callaham. It was one of the sharpest appearing street eliminator cars that I saw with great paint and chrome in the right places. I believe Bob bought it from Charles Womack. It was called 'Spastic Plastic' when Bob bought it, but Bob didn't want a name on the car. Ronnie Stewart ended up using the name on his very successful Corvette. -- David Dilbeck

(Updated September 2002) David, My name is Joel Head. I'm Harold Head's oldest son. He has 2 sons. A 20 year old who races a 1972 Vega in IHRA hot rod. He has finished in the top 5 in Division 2 in consecutive years. I'm his oldest at 28. I have a Spitzer 27T roadster. I'm a former NHRA division 2 S/ST champion and I finished in the top ten in the world last year in IHRA super rod. Dad currently has an IHRA crate motor stock eliminator Oldsmobile station wagon. As you can see, drag racing is still in his blood and he's passed it on to his sons. I don't know some of the dates but I do know a little about his driving and friendship with Butch. My grandfather was in the army at Ft. Benning in Columbus. Dad was a hot rodder and met Butch somewhere around Columbus. I know he drove the Corvette in the picture you have. He has another color picture of the car with himself and Butch standing beside of it. I know he has talked several times about him and Butch holding national records and making the pull out to Pomona, California for the nationals. He could probably shed much more light on things than I can. Thanks for the picture. -- Joel Head


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