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  Frank Groves and Lamar Bunky Bobo


  A/G Willys


  Street Eliminator - Modified


  Lamar Bunky Bobo






  Photos by Roger Swanson





Frank Groves and Phyllis Groves with the Hemi-Hurricane A/G Willys. -- David Dilbeck

My name is Roger Swanson, the same person whose name is on the Hemi Hurricane of Bunky Bobo. I would like to make some corrections to your website, if I may.

To give you some background about myself, I worked for Frank Groves, who built the Willys. I helped on much of the original fabrication of the car. I see no mention of Frank anywhere. Bunk came in as a partner just before the car was finished and the decision was made to buy a 65 Dodge Hemi and use the engine in the Willys instead of the Firepower Hemi Frank was going to use. They were partners until the Crankshaft Co. stroker broke and Frank sold his half to Bunk.

I worked on the Willys the entire time Bunk ran the car. When he started building the funny car I started working elsewhere. I have worked for Bunk many times since, on a part-time basis and still continue to see and talk to him. He just called me and that reminded me that I had intended on writing you. And Bunk still has the Willys. -- Roger Swanson


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