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Also known as Arnie the Farmer Beswick.

Arnie Beswick's 1962 Pontiac, The Passionate Poncho 2.

Arnie Beswick is trying to locate his 1962 Pontiac, The Passionate Poncho 2, which was sold in the Atlanta area. The car was originally sold to Jimmy Burton, and eventually ended up in the hands of an Atlanta area person who drove it on the street. Arnie was in contact with this person in the late 60s or early 70s, but has since lost his name. According to Arnie, the car was wrecked, but he doesn't think it was totaled. Anyone having information on the car's former owner or its present whereabouts should contact Arnie through his web site: Lets help Arnie track down his old car!


Arnie Beswick's
Super Stock Pontiac



Arnie Beswick vs. Huston Platt
Pontiac and Chevy Funny Cars



Arnie Beswick's
Pontiac GTO
Funny Car



Arnie Beswick's
Pontiac Firebird Funny Car


Year Unknown

Arnie Beswick's
Pontiac GTO S/XS