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Warren Johnson lives in Georgia and was the 2001 NHRA Pro Stock World Champion.

I've taken the liberty to excerpt part of the information he has on his site, and you can click on the link, above, to see all the information and photographs he offers.

Personal Info Career Highlights

Hometown: Buford, GA.
Wife: Arlene Johnson
Son: Kurt Johnson
Sponsor/Car: GM Performance Parts Pontiac Grand Am
Crew Chief: Mr. Warren Johnson
Career Wins: 87 and counting
Career Final Rounds: 135 and counting
Career Best E.T.: 6.801
Career Best Speed: 202.36
Date of birth: July 7, 1943 

Second- Winningest professional driver in NHRA history.

Winningest Pro Stock driver in NHRA history.

Has won at least one NHRA national event every year since 1982, the longest active streak among professional competitors.

Has won at least five NHRA national events during seven of the last ten seasons. Won four races in 1994, 1997.

First NHRA Pro Stock driver to exceed 180, 190, and 200 mph.

All-time NHRA speed king as he has recorded top speed at an NHRA national event 183 times.

Became first international Pro Stock champion when he traveled to Japan in 1991 and defeated a contingent of American and Japanese Pro Stock drivers.

Started NHRA Winston Pro Stock career in 1975.

First drag race came in 1963 at Minnesota Dragway, where he started winning bracket races in a 1957 Chevrolet C/Modified Production. 

Warren Johnson Performance Milestones

First 200 mph Pro Stock Run: 200.13 mph (April 25, 1997, Richmond, Va.)

First 190 mph Pro Stock Run: 190.07 mph (August 29, 1986, Indianapolis, Ind.)

First 180 mph Pro Stock Run: 181.08 mph (October 1, 1982, Fremont, Calif.)

First Father vs. Son final round in NHRA history: Warren Johnson, 7.179 @ 193.05, defeated Kurt Johnson, 7.226 @ 193.00 (April 25, 1993, Commerce, Georgia)

First Father and Son to finish 1 - 2 in NHRA championship: 1993 Warren Johnson #1 (17,008 points). Kurt Johnson #2 (13,502 points).

Biographical information courtesy of Warren Johnson


See Wayne Holland's article, My Memories of The Professor.


Warren Johnson's
Pro Stock



Warren Johnson and Bob Frey



Warren Johnson's
Pro Stock Pontiac Grand Am

Warren Johnson's
Pro Stock Pontiac Grand Am


Warren Johnson's
Pontiac Firebird
Pro Stock