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I'm starting to get embarrased about this. Of all the persons on this site, John is the only one whose name we've consistently butchered. Actually, we never really knew what his last name was and we gave it our best shot. Our apologies to Jim, John and the rest of their family. After being called John Dilbert so often, you'd think I could do better!

Finally, we have authoritative proof and a nice comment as well. -- JD, fumble-fingered webmaster

Hi David,

Thank you for posting your work!

I do have a correction on one name spelling, however! The Super Cat was driven and owned by John Skistimas. I believe you have different versions of the name on the site. John is living in Neosho, Missouri and his son is involved with dirt track racing and doing pretty well considering he lacks a good sponsor! It is a big boost to see the old cars again!

Jim Skistimas
John's brother


Jumping Joe Weis
vs John Skistimas