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Wayne Kines, owner of Signs by Kines, makes all kinds of signs, magnetic signs, banners, decals, and other products for advertising your business or school. He has experience making graphics for race cars, too.

He makes great vinyl signs for windows, too. In January, 2003, Wayne created the sign in the pic, below, that David uses for advertising this website as he drives all around Georgia every day.

Here's a larger photo of the same thing.

Do you have a business, hobby, website, email address, or something else you'd like to promote? If you're in the market for a sign or decal of any type, contact Wayne and see what he can do for you. Email him at and he'll do his best to help you.

Thanks, Wayne, for sponsoring this year.

(See, also, Photos by Wayne Kines for some of the drag racing photos he's shared on