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Georgia Drag Racing


In memory of those who have gone on.
Rest In Peace

Welcome to Georgia Drag Racing, a site devoted to drag racing in and around Atlanta, Georgia. You'll find information related to the history of drag racing in Georgia, some of the drivers, cars, and personalities involved, and links to current events and activities related to southeastern drag racing.

Our site is presented to you in 2003 by Renfroe Mining and Grading, owned by Bogan Renfroe.

This site will require your participation if it is to achieve its full destiny. We'd like to thank those of you who are sharing your stories, photos and memories with us.

Do you have photos from any Georgia drag racing events? Would you like to share them in our Photo Gallery or Photo Album? Did you participate? Everyone who had any part in Georgia drag racing is encouraged to share your Articles & Stories. Did you own a track, manage one, help in the pits or take tickets, or work in the concession stand? Were you a driver, mechanic, or sponsor of a car that raced in Georgia? Were you, or are you now, a fan of drag racing?

If so, then this site is for you!

Sign up for the mailing list or register for the Forum and share your stories. There are several boards in the Forum that only become visible after you register. Click on the Register link on the top-right corner of the Forum page, and please use your real first and last name. You need to enter your real email address, because the Forum will automatically send an email to you with instructions on activating your account. Once you've activated your account, you can log in, see the additional sections, and participate in the discussions. Please take a moment to introduce yourself, first. There is no charge for participating in either the mailing list or the forum.

Check out the News page for the latest updates.

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If you want to attend a drag racing event in and around Georgia, check out our Activities page. If you own or manage a track in Georgia or the surrounding states, you're invited to send us your schedules and we'll post them in our Drag Strips section. If you submit your results, we'll post them, as well.

Visit the Hall of Fame page to see the NHRA Division 2 outstanding contributors to drag racing in the southeast.

Would you like to buy a book, magazine, or video about auto racing in general or drag racing in particular? Drop into the Bookstore and see what you can find. Do you know of a book, video, or something else that we've overlooked? Let us know, and we'll try to track it down and add it.

Do you have a race car to sell, or would you like to purchase one? How about any racing parts? Would you like to buy and sell drag racing memorabilia? Check out the Classifieds section!

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