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  Bondy Long


  Ford Mustang


  Factory Experimental


  Carson Hyman


  Calhoun, Georgia


  Photos by Marvin T. Smith





We need information on this Bowani Ford Mustang. -- David Dilbeck

Update: October, 2002

This car was owned by Bondy Long, a Ford dealer and car owner famous for Ned Jarrett's NASCAR machines. The name Bowani is a combination of the three Long brothers' names - Bondy, Walter and Nicky.

This Mustang was (I believe) a Holman Moody constructed machine. At least I do know that the engine parts came from the H-M shops. It was cammer powered, injected on gasoline and ran in the old NASCAR sanctioned drag racing circuit in a class they called "Super Ultra Stock 1" . Other notable cars from the same 66-67 era that competed in this class were Pee Wee Wallace's Virginian Plymouth and Al Joniec's Batcar Mustang.

The driver was a gentleman named Carson Hyman, not sure of his home town.

I remember seeing this car on several occasions, but oddly enough I can't ever remember seeing it make a full, successful pass down the track; it seemed to always be plagued with some mechanical problem!

Well, that's about all I can contribute, hope the info is some use to you. Thanks, and keep up the good work! -- Fred Beall


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