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Marvin T. Smith grew up in Rome, Georgia and attended his first drag race in 1962 at the old Newton County Dragway (later Atlanta Speed Shop Dragway). Without a driver's license, he was limited to very few races until 1967 after which he was an avid spectator in the Atlanta area until he moved to Kentucky in 1971. He returned to Atlanta in 1975 and attended races at the new Atlanta Dragway for many years.

As a professional archaeologist and university professor, he has a natural interest in history, research, and writing. He has authored a couple of minor articles on drag racing history for the now defunct Quarter Milestones magazine. He is a member of the Standard 1320, an internet group of drag racing history buffs. He collects many forms of drag racing memorabilia, including magazines, handouts, hatpins, models, and diecasts.


See 1964 Atlanta $10,000 Drag Race, Pro Mods at Southern Dragway, Early Sixties Match Race Attraction, Advertising in Georgia Drag Racing, and Gene Cromer: The Invader from South Carolina.


Unknown Fiat



Unknown '32 Ford



Hubert Platt vs. Harold Dutton
Super Stock

Bobby Wood's
Chevelle SF/X

Bowani Ford Mustang
(Owner and driver unknown)

Lamar Bunky Bobo's
Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car


Bob Callaham Modified Corvette

Dixie Devil Modified Corvette

Ronnie Stewart Modified
Spastic Plastic Corvette

Barnett Brothers
Dodge Super Stock

Unknown (possibly Billy Webb?)
Top Fuel or Top Gas

M. A. Madden's Modified Willys
Driven by Bill Madden

Barnett Brothers
Super Stock Dodge Dart
Driven by Wyman Barnett

Robert Nance vs. Hubert Platt
Driven by James Lake
and Hubert Platt

Kenny Salter

Dyno Don Nicholson's
Mercury Funny Car

Tom Smith's
Hemi Power 'Cuda

Cecil South's
Super Stock Dodge Dart

Larry Lawrence's
Super Stock Chevry Camaro

Buck Pike's
Super Stock Ford Mustang
Driven by Buck Pike
or Donnie Brewer

Tom Payne's
Chevy Camaro
Driven by Randy Payne

Donnie Brewer's
Super Stock Ford Fairlane

Ford Mustang
Owner and driver unknown

Wayne Blackwood's
Stock Ford Shelby Mustang

George Montgomery's
Malco Gasser
AA/GS Mustang

Arnie Beswick's
Pontiac GTO
Funny Car


Don Smith's
Modified Pontiac Firebird



Pro Stock Chevrolet Camaro
Owner and driver unknown

Tommy Smith's
Dodge Demon Funny Car

1970 or 1971

Buddy Shanklin
1955 Chevy D/A


Year Unknown

Harold Dutton
Drag Hag Hemi Barracuda

Steve Hood and Ken Payne's
Sweet 1 1955 Chevy E/G

(see Hood and Payne)

Lamar Walden Willys

Pete Robinson Top Fuel

Bogan Renfroe Modified Willys

Bill Tanner
Hemi Challenger Pro Stock

Dick Brannan Ford Pro Stock

'Dyno' Don Nicholson
Mercury Funny Car

'Dyno' Don Nicholson
Ford Pro Stock

Huston Platt Chevy Funny Car

Bill Tanner Dodge Super Stock

Ronnie Stewart
The Wildebeast Corvette

Robert Nance
Plymouth Factory Experimental

Paul Harvey's
Modified Ford Mustang
Driven here by Hubert Platt

Rich Suski

Randy Payne
Super Stock Mustang

Bunky Bobo's
Hemi Hurricane A/G
(Lamar Bobo)

Phil Bonner's
Daddy Warbucks
injected longnose Mustang

Arnie Beswick's
Pontiac GTO S/XS

Robert Nance's
A/G Anglia

Joe Yarini's
BB/G Willys

Shinholster and Lehman's
1941 Willys
Driven by Tommy Shinholster

Shirl Greer's
Plymouth Barracuda

Houston Brothers'
Modified Anglia
Driven by Buddy Houston

Buck Pike's
Super Stock Ford Mustang

Bogan Renfroe's
injected Ford SOHC
A/G Cat Skinner III